Paradise Falls

Paradise Falls is a romantic suspense title from Abigail Graham, currently one of the most popular writers for that genre for the entire Kindle Store. This title follows the story of a young couple and the intense attraction between the two that grows when a stalker has to be fought off.

For five years now, Jennifer has dealt with the constant torment of being the target of a stalker. Worse, the stalker’s father is a senator, making it nearly impossible for her to deal with the situation legally. Once again trying to escape someone’s clutches, Jennifer is saved one day by …

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Blue Gold (The NUMA Files Series, Book #2)

Blue Gold is a New York Times bestselling novel originally published in 2000 and written by action and adventure author Clive Cussler. This epic adventure novel takes readers across continents to exotic locales where a team of scientists is flung into a battle for their own lives and all of humanity.

A powerboat race between members of the National Underwater & Marine Agency nearly turns deadly when a pod of bloated, dead and rare gray whales bubble to the surface unexpectedly. Crew leader Kurt Austin and NUMA team member Joe Zavala take off to follow the source of this tragedy, turning up an underwater …

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The Color of Secrets

The Color of Secrets is a work of historical fiction from Lindsay Jayne Ashford, formerly a reporter for the BBC whose novel has climbed towards the top of the Kindle bestseller list. This title follows the story of a war-torn romance from the middle of the 20th century which has consequences that reverberate in the following generation.

When Eva is told that her husband, a soldier fighting for the British army in World War II, is presumed to be dead, she is thrown into a state of shock that cuts her off from the world. That spell is broken when an …

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The Song of Achilles

The Song of Achilles is the New York Times bestselling debut novel from historical fiction author Madeline Miller and currently one of the most popular titles in the Kindle Store. This story offers a re-imagining of a classic of Western literature, envisioning the Trojan Wars in The Iliad through the eyes of a pair of that story’s largest players.

Achilles and Patroclus couldn’t be any more different as people. One is a demigod who is widely revered and acclaimed while the other has been shamefully exiled into his current situation. When they come together on the battlefields of Troy, however, the two forge a …

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The Good Girl

The Good Girl is a recent novel from Mary Kubica, a mystery writer still very early in her career. This psychological thriller takes readers on a journey following a kidnapping that goes awry from the various perspectives of those involved with the fateful event.

Mia Dennett is just looking for a fun fling after being stood up by her on-and-off boyfriend but her one-night stand with Colin Thatcher turns into a struggle for her life when he whisks her away to a cabin locked away in the wild of rural Minnesota. Springing into action are Mia’s mother Eve and detective Gabe Hoffman, …

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Saint’s Gate (The Sharpe and Donovan Series, Book #1)

Saint’s Gate is a recent title out from prolific romantic suspense author Carla Neggers, a former New York Times bestselling author who has written nearly 70 novels during her career. This title follows a story of murderous intrigue in a small, secluded community out in isolated Maine country.

When a mysterious painting featuring symbols of both Irish and Viking lore shows up at a Maine convent, one nun reaches out to Emma Sharpe, a former FBI art crimes detective who has a history with the Order. Before Emma can get at the secrets of the canvas, the nun who contacted her turns up …

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Go Set a Watchman

Go Set a Watchman is the most recent novel penned by writer Harper Lee, author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning classic To Kill a Mockingbird, and it serves as a sequel to Lee’s original blockbuster. This title is set twenty years after the conclusion of Lee’s earlier novel and offers a more complete view of the social tensions developing over the 20th century in the American South.

Jean Louise Finch, or “Scout,” now twenty-six years of age, returns from New York City to her family in Maycomb, Alabama, to visit her elderly father Atticus. Jean Louise’s arrival comes at a time when the South is …

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Outlaw’s Bride (The Grizzlies MC Romance Series)

Outlaw’s Bride is the most recent novel out from author Nicole Snow, currently the top-selling romantic suspense writer published on Amazon. This title follows the hot-tempered romantic relationship that develops between one young woman trying to hold her life together and a tough and tested veteran of the local motor club.

Two years ago, Sally and Roman had a fling that spun wildly out of control. When they finally break it off, Sally ends up hiding a big secret from Roman. When Roman finds out that Sally has had his child, the ex-con decides that he’ll do everything in his power to …

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The Art of Racing in the Rain

The Art of Racing in the Rain is a 2009 novel from New York Times bestselling writer Garth Stein, a fairly popular writer of literary fiction. This story, told from the point of view of a dog owned by a race car driver whose career is taking off, offers a poignant look at dealing with the many tribulations offered by life.

Enzo is a canine with a close connection with his owner Denny Swift. As Enzo watches his master excel on the racetrack, he comes to learn that many of life’s problems can be addressed in the way that a driver navigates obstacles …

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Whiskey & Charlie

Whiskey & Charlie is the first major fiction release for author Annabel Smith which has also cracked the Top 10 bestselling titles in the Kindle Store in recent days. This book follows a family drama playing out over the course of years in which two brothers are forced to confront the distance that has grown between them over the years.

As brothers, Whiskey and Charlie couldn’t be more different. Whiskey had always been a daring and bold child and Charlie always felt left out while his brother garnered all of the attention. Strong as their bond was when they were little, …

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Death Is Now My Neighbor (Inspector Morse Series, Book #12)

Death Is Now My Neighbor is a late novel in the popular Inspector Morse series penned by Colin Dexter and later adapted into a staged series for British television. This title, originally published in 1996, follows the story of a competitive nature turned murderous by intrigue at an academic institution.

The retirement of the Master of Lonsdale College opens up a power vacuum which becomes the battle ground for two elders of academia who both know that the promotion could be the last of their career. A seemingly unrelated shooting, in which a sniper guns down a physiotherapist in her home, …

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A Dark Lure

A Dark Lure is the latest title out from romantic suspense author Loreth Anne White, a former National Readers’ Choice Award winner. This book follows one woman’s struggle to piece her life back together when a tragedy from her past threatens to take it all away again.

Sarah Baker had a family and a decent life until that was all taken from her by the Watt Lake Killer, who abducts Sarah and keeps her in his violent clutches for months before Sarah manages to escape. Living under a new name in a completely new community where nobody knows her, the woman now known …

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Paper Towns

Paper Towns is a recent novel out from award winning and New York Times bestselling teen author John Green, who is perhaps better known as the author of the novel-turned-motion-picture The Fault in Our Stars. This title features the story of a young man whose affections for a girl who couldn’t be more different leads him on a chase to find her when she goes missing.

Quentin Jacobsen has lived next door to Margo Roth Spiegelman his entire life. In their childhood, they were best friends, but they drifted apart as they grew and now Margo is the bad girl of their Central Florida high …

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The Rumor: A Novel

The Rumor is the most recent novel from contemporary romance author Elin Hilderbrand and new member of the Top 10 bestsellers at the Kindle Store. This title features the story of two families and the summer on the Nantucket beach that introduces a great deal of turbulence into the lives of both.

For years, Grace Pancik and Madeline King have been best friends and their perfect families have been living out fairy tale lives, but Nantucket buzzes with gossip when both of those women face some of the greatest challenges of their lives. Madeline is a writer but she’s facing her …

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