A Dark Lure

A Dark Lure is the latest title out from romantic suspense author Loreth Anne White, a former National Readers’ Choice Award winner. This book follows one woman’s struggle to piece her life back together when a tragedy from her past threatens to take it all away again.

Sarah Baker had a family and a decent life until that was all taken from her by the Watt Lake Killer, who abducts Sarah and keeps her in his violent clutches for months before Sarah manages to escape. Living under a new name in a completely new community where nobody knows her, the woman now known …

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Paper Towns

Paper Towns is a recent novel out from award winning and New York Times bestselling teen author John Green, who is perhaps better known as the author of the novel-turned-motion-picture The Fault in Our Stars. This title features the story of a young man whose affections for a girl who couldn’t be more different leads him on a chase to find her when she goes missing.

Quentin Jacobsen has lived next door to Margo Roth Spiegelman his entire life. In their childhood, they were best friends, but they drifted apart as they grew and now Margo is the bad girl of their Central Florida high …

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The Rumor: A Novel

The Rumor is the most recent novel from contemporary romance author Elin Hilderbrand and new member of the Top 10 bestsellers at the Kindle Store. This title features the story of two families and the summer on the Nantucket beach that introduces a great deal of turbulence into the lives of both.

For years, Grace Pancik and Madeline King have been best friends and their perfect families have been living out fairy tale lives, but Nantucket buzzes with gossip when both of those women face some of the greatest challenges of their lives. Madeline is a writer but she’s facing her …

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Made in America: An Informal History of the English Language in the United States

Made in America is title published 20 years ago by humor writer Bill Bryson but which has only recently been made available for Kindle readers. This title tracks the progression of the English language in America and the origins of many words and phrases that are unique to this country.

The English language which has developed in America over the past few hundred years has its own distinct flavor and Bryson attempts to document what makes this country’s language its own. An early history of the development of English is provided along with a discussion of new words we have picked …

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Down the Rabbit Hole: Curious Adventures and Cautionary Tales of a Former Playboy Bunny

Down the Rabbit Hole is a tell-all memoir written by Holly Madison, a former inhabitant of Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion and a star of the E! reality show The Girls Next Door. This title gives plenty of behind-the-scenes details into the seedier aspects of life in the Mansion.

Leaving both her Oregon hometown and her given name, Holly Sue Cullen, well behind her, Holly Madison ascends to the highest circles of the social sphere within the Playboy Mansion, even becoming the top girlfriend for Hugh Hefner. As successes in her television career kept rolling her way, Holly became increasingly aware and distraught …

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The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden

The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden is the most recent release from Jonas Johasson, a Swedish author of literary fiction. This title features the story of one girl who survives the ravages of extreme poverty to become a major player in an international crisis.

In 1961, Nombeko Mayeki was born in a shack in Soweto, the largest township in South Africa and one roiling with a lack of opportunity. In a land where people seem destined to die young, Nombeko educates herself and runs off with stolen diamonds to pay her way out of South Africa. She is kidnapped …

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When You Make It Home

When You Make It Home is the first major Amazon release for author Claire Ashby, first published in July of last year. This romance features the story of a young woman forced to find a way to care for her child and the love story that unexpectedly blossoms from the ashes of past relationships.

Bookstore owner Meg Michaels has plenty of reasons to swear off love and romantic relationships for the rest of her life, having been able to successfully free herself from two cheating boyfriends. Refreshed and holding a new lease on life, Meg wants to throw herself into her work …

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Elizabeth Street

Elizabeth Street is the first major Amazon release for Laurie Fabiano, an author who based aspects of this piece of historical fiction upon her own family’s history. This story features an Italian immigrant woman and her family trying to make their way in America against long odds in the early 1900s.

Giovanna Costa is a young woman who leaves a tiny Italian fishing village with her family, uprooting themselves and settling back down in New York City’s Lower East Side. As Little Italy grows, Giovanna’s life is rattled by the loss of her husband at a Brooklyn construction site. After attempting to …

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Pope Joan: A Novel

Pope Joan is a 1996 novel published by historic fiction writer Donna Woolfolk Cross which has been inching towards the top of the Kindle bestseller lists in recent days. This title features a fictional account based on the legend of a medieval woman who takes on the identity of a dead loved and ascends to the highest throne in Christendom.

Joan is born in 814 in a village in the European region of Frankland during a time in which girls are treated like unwanted possessions. Brought up by pious parents, including a cruel father, the scholarly Joan runs away to be …

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Sincerely, Carter

Sincerely, Carter is the most recently published novel penned by contemporary romance novelist Whitney Gracia Williams which has been approaching the top of the Kindle bestseller lists in recent days. This title features the story of two young people who realize that their lifelong friendship may hold more of a romantic future than they ever thought.

When they first met in the fourth grade, a tense hatred between Carter and Arizona gives way to an understanding and, ultimately, a friendship that lasts for many years. Through failed relationships and heartbreak, they’ve always been able to rely on each other to put …

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The Substitute (The Wedding Pact Series, Book #1)

The Substitute is novel written by New York Times and USA Today bestselling romance author Denise Grover Swank and published in January of this year. This title, the first in the author’s Wedding Pact series, features two hapless individuals thrown together on a plane ride who’ve found themselves trampled by both love and career.

A month and a half before she is supposed to fly home for her wedding, Megan Vandemeer breaks off her engagement with her cheating and emotionally distant fiance. She can’t bring herself to tell her parents, however, so she finds herself boarding the plane back home to Kansas City. On …

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The Martian: A Novel

The Martian is the first major work published on Amazon by science fiction writer Andy Weir but this New York Times bestseller has been received very well by readers and has earned the writer a great deal of early acclaim. This title follows the struggle of a man locked in a desparate struggle for his life on the unforgiving terrain of Mars.

As one of the first humans to walk on the Red Planet, astronaut Mark Watney has secured himself a place in history. When Watney gets swept up into a dust storm, his crew thinks he dies and leaves him behind as …

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Finders Keepers: A Novel

Finders Keepers is the most recent novel penned and published by Stephen King, an internationally acclaimed author of thriller, mystery and horror. This title follows the dark story of one reader so obsessed with a piece of fiction that he’ll go to any lengths to finish his favorite story.

John Rothstein has built himself a career as a very popular author thanks to the success of his Jimmy Gold character. For the past few decades, however, Rothstein has contented himself with working solely in advertising, letting the final Gold novel languish in notebooks which stay closed for years. Morris Bellamy, a Gold …

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Crow Hollow

Crow Hollow is a 17th century period mystery title penned by author Michael Wallace, a popular author of historical fiction. This novel, set in colonial New England, follows a story of political intrigue set on the Boston frontier where British settlers are clashing with Native Americans.

One of the casualties of King Philip’s war is the husband of Prudence Cotton, murdered by a tribe of Indians who have also captured and run off with Prudence’s young daughter. James Bailey is an agent of the British crown sent over to America to look into the circumstances behind the tragedy that has befallen …

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